Otta Trailer (Otta Carrier Trailer); is a young and dynamic company that started its operations in 2015. Although the firm is young; Erol TURAN, the founder and general manager, started his business life when he was 17 years old and entered the sector in AKSOYLU TREYLER which is one of the leading companies in this sector in our country,.

In 2000, he established his first company TURAN TRAILER TRAILER and served AKSOYLU TREYLER as a subcontractor for 8 years.

With the effect of the 2008 economic crisis, a company called TURDOR TRAILER was established in Kocaeli region with a new search and in a short time established partnerships with different companies, and its innovative designs products were sold in the European market in a short time. He left the partnership in 2015 by waiving all his rights and established OTTA TREYLER. It continues to serve with its innovative and original designs.